HOLOGRAM USA - Was established in 2014, in Los Angeles, USA and is a joint venture between FilmOn Networks - a wholly owned subsidiary of the Anakando Media Group - and Musion Das Hologram of the UK.

Washington Post Article On Hologram USA in politics

Hologram USA was set to license and exploit over 168-patented techniques related to 2D and 3D hologram-like projection technologies, across all platforms in North America. The technology was invented by Uwe Maas and is owned exclusively by Giovanni Palma CEO of Musion Das Hologram.

Hologram USA’s exclusively licensed and patented 3D holographic projection system was first developed and installed by its inventor Uwe Maas, at the Swarovski Museum in Austria in 1996. Since then the boundaries of what’s possible with holographic projection have been increased, with audiences and clients worldwide continuing to be amazed by each new project.

The company’s joint-venture partners have been involved in producing a number of landmark projects in recent years, including enabling HRH Prince Charles to deliver a holographic-like key note address at the World Future Energy summit. In 2014 they were awarded a Guinness World Record for their unique holographic presentation project in support of Indian politician and then Prime Minister elect and now incumbent, Narendra Modi.

In the entertainment world the company’s holographic like projection technology is best known for digitally resurrecting the deceased rapper Tupac Shakur at the 2012 Coachella music festival, which sparked over15-million You Tube views in 48 hours. A previous project saw Mariah Carey perform in five European cities at once, with a further 27,000 people tuning-in to a live online stream.

Hologram USA, working closely with sister company Hologram USA Productions, is currently supporting the development of a number of exciting and challenging projects with clients from the world of entertainment, politics and sports and is looking forward to sharing them with the public in the near future.

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