BATTLECAM LIVE was established in 2010 and is a wholly owned operating subsidiary of Anakando company - FilmOn TV Networks.

The company launched in 2010 as an internet based Live, Interactive and (Anti) Socially focused Reality Television channel and Online Community. At the time of its launch BattleCam was the first time content of this nature had ever been shown on US TV.

BattleCam is unique in being both user generated and mediated. It is a competitive, interactive online visual communication environment, whereby its participants are able to use their webcams 24/7, to broadcast what ever they like to the Battlecam community, freely and largely without restriction or censorship, beyond the normally accepted bounds of not encouraging racism, religiously bigotry or gender discrimination.

The format of Battlecam is such, that at any one time, one or more participants in one broadcast stream, are able to ‘battle’ against one or more participants in another broadcast stream for the right to stay broadcasting. The object being for audiences viewing the ‘battle’ in split viewing screens on their pc or portable device, to be able to vote on who they want to stay or go. Once a battlecam broadcaster is ‘ejected’ they are replaced by another participant who then has to entertain the viewing audience by battling with the incumbent Battlecammer from the previous session.

Since the site was established it has built a loyal and dedicated community of ‘Battlecammer’s that have provided the basis for a considerable amount of unique production content of the like not available at any other internet destination. Battlecammers have used their chance to achieve internet fame, to broadcast a range of activities from the banal to the bizarre, ranging from musical talent quests, to stand up comedy routines, to tattooing the site's web address on various body parts, or engaging in competitive stunts for money, at the encouragement of channel hosts.

Returning guest appearances have included Wesley Snipes, Billy Zane, Barry Bonds, and Gary Busey.

Battlecam Live hosted by Filmon.TV, can be viewed in the UK on Sky Channel 237 and FreeSat Channel 410. And is available in over 60 million homes across the US.


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